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​Tree Removal Services

Tree Removal Alternatives

Tree removal can be avoided in a few instances, when our arborist assess that there is a safe and reasonable alternative then there is an option that will allow you to keep your precious tree. Continual tree service and maintenance is one of the best ways to guarantee the lifespan of your trees and shrubs. Cabling and bracing create a viable support to structurally weak or injured trees and branches. These help to prevent injuries to your trees, such as crotch and branch failure, and help to ensure protection against harsh weather conditions. This practice will lengthen the life and health of feature trees. 

Tree Removal Services – What to Expect

Tree removals in most urban and suburban environments present a challenge. Trees in neighborhoods usually are surrounded by other valuable buildings or plant life. Tree removals, specifically large trees, require careful pieceing out and lowering done by licensed/insured arborists. We operate state-of-the-art machinery to guarantee your safety and the protection of your home and property. The use of arborist specialized equipment while removing trees is determined by the conditions on your landscape, branch arrangement, and the hardiness of your tree. A typical tree removal includes cutting down a tree, chipping all of the limbs, cutting all big wood into 20" logs, and cutting the stumps as close as possible to the ground. We haul away all of the brush, wood chips, and logs unless otherwise stated. If you desire logs for firewood or wood chips from your tree removal we can leave them for you free of charge (stacked logs and chips in a neat pile).
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